Infotech Synergy is a web development and services based company that offers state of art services in all digital matters.

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Our belief is that web design is at the forefront of business development. A beautiful website not only convinces viewers to stay longer, but spend time looking through the contents. We offer innovative and eye-catching web designs that have been optimized for search engines. To aid the clients in building a better business, we include CMS (content management systems) within the design, allowing them to easily edit the website from the backend. At the same time, all social media channels are fully integrated with the website and create a web presence to be reckoned with. Your digital presence is safe in our hands.

Not all products can be picked off the rack, reworked to add some elements and presented to the users. We understand the need for services that can handle specific requirements and create value for the clients and their customers. Infotech Synergy offers customized solutions for our clients. Our team operates upon an end-to-end system, involving the client right from the first stage of ideating to the stage of validation and delivery. We continue to offer support after delivery and take pride in creating a new product from the ground up. Our work speaks for itself and we ensure that each product will deliver industry standard performance each time.

Infotech Synergy is at the forefront of web development and provides clients with tailor made websites to suit their needs. Our team has expertise in building all forms of sites, ranging from an e-commerce portal to a professional portfolio blog. We are dedicated to matching and going above and beyond industry standards, using the best technology to keep your website running. We also offer complete backend support and full control over the site to maximize the efficiency of the website. Further services include optimizing existing websites to both iOS and Android systems.

Infotech Synergy brings years of business experience to understand just how to make life a little easier for our clients. Our team offers solutions to help clients automate a large part of their work cycle. Starting from product display to billing to contact services, we help our clients spend more time bringing in business rather than taking care of backend operations.

At Infotech Synergy, we love providing support for clients that have a great idea for an Android application or wish to turn their existing website into an application for the smart phone. Our team is skilled in developing various kinds of apps, ranging from business, education and sports to social networks, music and utilities. We understand the thought process behind each app needs to be suited to the target audience, and we work closely with the clients to achieve this goal. This form of value addition to business has allowed our clients to reach out millions of users worldwide.

Along with our partners, we create the best e-commerce platforms for our clients. Each platform has been designed to help the clients get the most potential out visitors and reduce tedious backend operations. Our solutions are optimized for all portals, and can be accessed via computer, smart phones and tablets alike. Our team provides an integration of all technologies, and can also develop apps that fit the e-commerce store for quicker downloads and sales. We design, develop and provide complete support – and believe in keeping happy relations with our clients.

We take away the effort that comes up having to improve ranking on any search engine. Our team creates exposure for the website in the digital space by improving the efficiency of the search engine optimization process inbuilt in the site. This is done by using our skills in content writing, adding SEO keywords and reducing misleading portions within the content. Our services are entirely safe, with results coming in due to hard work and dedication. The improved digital branding leads to improvement in on-site conversions, leads and sales for the client. Infotech Synergy believes in helping their clients fulfil their vision by being top website in both local and global searches.

We understand the need for a social media presence and we know just how to keep it running like clockwork. Our team is well versed with the needs of the audience on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. We create content that is optimized for each platform. By targeting specific users on each site, our efforts translate directly into an increased follower count and lasting digital presence. It leads to a boost in sales and provides another route for marketing of products.

At Infotech Synergy, we believe in offering a product that comes with all possible forms of support. And so, we offer web-hosting solutions to all of our clients. Our team can manage dedicated servers and cloud servers with ease. As part of the dedicated servers, we offer support for Windows, Linux and Java. We can also works with enterprise mail servers and business application hosting. For the cloud servers, we offer the same support for Windows, Linux and Java along with Media Streaming servers. Our clients can get solutions for all their requirements in one single place.


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